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1. Player Information
Name (or internet handle): Hawk
Current characters in Bete Noire: Nicholas Rush, Thomas Hawkins, Charles Tucker III (mirrorverse), Michael Kenmore

2. Character Information
Name: Percy
Livejournal Username: [ profile] btwcockblocking
Fandom: Nikita

3. Character Information II
Age/Appearance: A few sentences is fine.
History: (FANDOM CHARACTERS ONLY) Provide a wiki link, or a link to some other official summary of the character's history. If no such summary exists, please write one at least a few paragraphs long.
Personality: Explain the outward personality and inward psychology of the character. Should be at least a few good-sized paragraphs.
Sexual Preferences/Orientation: How does your character feel about sex? Are they monogamous? Do they consider it wrong? What's their sexual orientation?
Powers: List any supernatural or extraordinary powers your character has here.
Reason for playing: What about this character speaks to you? What makes you want to write them? Why a panfandom setting, instead of a single-fandom game or dressing room? What would you like to do with them in Bete Noire in particular?

4. Original Character Supplement
World History: What kind of world is your character from? This part can be short, but it must focus on the particular character's context. What was their world like, from their point of view?
Character History: Let us have a summary of the highlights, the turning points of your character's history. What was it that made them who they are?

5. Samples
First-Person: (5-10 sentences) Journal-entry style, written in the character's own voice. You may link to a first-person thread of 8+ total comments in lieu of writing an entry.
Third-Person: (200 words minimum) We'd prefer this to be your character's initial reaction to Bete Noire, or the story of where they were just before they were brought here; however, if you like, it can be of another part of their life. You may link to a prose thread of 8+ total comments in lieu of writing this sample.
Third-Person #2: (200 words minimum) This sample should be rated R to NC-17, and be erotically-focused. It does not have to be explicit smut. You may link to a smut/fight thread in lieu of writing this sample.

The links provided must be of the character being applied. If the application is for an AU, then the threads must also be of the AU version. We do reserve the right to ask for an additional sample if we are dissatisfied with any thread provided.


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